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Hi and welcome to my website

My name is Chris Martin and I use the ancient art of Pyrography to decorate various wooden pieces, mainly guitars.

Pyrography (writing with fire), also known as pokerwork is something I practice in my spare time. I have put together this site to display the various handcrafted pieces I have created. These vary from Guitars, kids room signs, chopping boards, house signs, portraits, general pictures, plaques and more.

I am now opening up a service for custom guitar work.

If you have an idea for your guitar, please get in touch and we can discuss.

Various types of wood can be used for this work, but I have found lighter woods such as birch, beech and sycamore tend to work best as you get the good contrast between the burn and the light wood. I use different finishes depending on what is required, including wax, danish oil, varnishes, wood dyes, polyester and acrylic.

Many thanks for taking time to look at my work, as you can see I am still building the site, it's my first attempt ! however it will grow over time.

If you like what you see please feel free to contact me

Commissions welcome

Thanks again

Chris Martin




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